Saturday 28 June 2008

Top 8 Reasons to adopt agile methodology

Top 8 Reasons Why the Customer to Adopt Agile

1.Early measurable return on investment. They want to see working software at the end of each iteration and early in the process.
2.High visibility and control over the project progress. High visibility into project progress can also yield early indications of problems.
3.Early and continuous customer feedback. Because the customer is involved throughout development they end up with software they want and will use.
4.Empowered Product Owner. The PO is given the information necessary to make decisions to steer the project toward the goal.
5.Incremental delivery. Delivery of software on the scheduled release date is not an all or nothing deal.
6.Agile change management is adaptive to changing business needs. Agile and Scrum give the product owner more control over adding, changing, or removing requirements (except for the current iteration stories) than traditional methodologies.
7.Agile helps align IT with the business. Teams work only on the top business priorities.
8.Agile reduces product and process waste. Nothing is developed that isn’t specifically needed. Agile processes are lightweight and value driven.

Top 8 Reasons Why the Team and Management Adopt Agile
1.Agile builds empowered, motivated and self organizing teams. Agile produces an increased level of team satisfaction because individuals are empowered to provide input, set the iteration goal, self-organize, and help improve the process. This unleashes the creativity and innovation of the team members.
2.Clear expectations are set and communicated. Both the team and product owners have a clear understanding of the release and iteration goals and what is expected of them to reach these goals.
3.Success is clearly defined. The agile definition of "Done" is accepted by the product owner as completed and ready to ship. The only measurement for success is stories that are "Done" at the iteration and release level.
4.Teams can focus on delivering measurable results. Agile teams focus on getting working software delivered instead of clearing impediments, prioritizing, or being pulled in other directions.
5.Customers communicate directly with the team and provide timely feedback. Early and direct feedback is the only way to deliver what the customers really need.
6.Teams feel a sense of accomplishment and recognition. The team feels a sense of accomplishment at each demo when they deliver stories that are "Done" and hear the customer and stakeholder eedback first hand.
7.Management realizes cost/time savings due to waste elimination and efficiency. Many organizations that adopt agile seek to become "Lean" and eliminated processes that add no value.
8.Better resource management for shared team members. The good thing about time-boxed iterations is that they are time-boxed!
This means that shared members from other teams (DBAs, Technical SMEs, Report Writers, etc.) will know in advance when the next planning meeting, demo, and retrospective are scheduled.

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